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Coreray medical, help Malaysia airway management level development!

Create Time:2023-07-21 11:42:24

Recently, the airway management seminar organized by the Malaysian Central People's Hospital organized by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia was held in Kuala Lumpur, Coreray Medical was invited to bring the new CR-32 wireless airway management workstation complete solution to the seminar, a three-day seminar, anesthetists from all over the country through experts to teach demonstration and personally trial. The excellent product performance and ease of operation of the CR-32 airway management platform were unanimously praised, and they said that such high-end new technology products can play an important role in promoting the development of the airway management level in Malaysia.

Professor Fahmi, a well-known anesthesiologist in Malaysia, personally operated the machine and interviewed local media to demonstrate how to perform anesthesia intubation quickly and safely based on CR-32 airway management workstation for on-site anesthesiologists.

Coreray Medical will continue to improve to continue to provide new products, new technologies, new solutions, to contribute to the overall improvement of the world's airway management level.

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